Vytilla:  Ranjith Kumar has hit a rare hat-trick. In a third time, he has been elected from the municipality of Hameenlinna in Finland. Ranjith, who is the son of Marad Thekkedath Prabhakaran and Sulochana has won a third time victory in the country of 50 lakh people and stands a high chance to clinch the post of the Mayor.

Ranjith's victory is also noteworthy for his jump from the 40th position in 2008 to 4th position in 2017, making him a strong contender for the post of the Mayor. Ranjith, a councilor from the Social Democratic Party, was among the three Malayalees who tried their hand at the Municipal elections and was the only one to win.

Ranjith also took the opportunity to thank the support extended by the Hameenlinna Malayalee Association. There are 1,200 Malayalees in Finland. Ranjith also broke the confines of the official formal vote seeking techniques employing the more Indian ways for it. Ranjith has been a permanent resident of Finland since 2001 after he married Minna Eklova, whom he met in Kerala. Minna had come to the Nagarjuna company in Kerala keen to explore Ayurvedic medicines where Ranjith worked.

Ranjith also learned Finnish language and secured a nursing degree from Finland. He is the Chairperson of the Haminlinna Regional Hospital. Earlier he had an arts degree from the Tripunithura Arts College. Minna's joint family and his own brother Ganesh who works in the education department in Finland are with him in his political journey. His brother-in-law artist Everest Raja designed the election campaign. Ranjith, who is a football player, also used this skill to reach out to the Finnish people.