Kottayam: Police interrogation of the accused will go hi-tech in the state with the authorities setting up specially designed interrogation rooms in all districts. The government has asked authorities to set up the facility before March 31.

The room is equipped with video and audio recording facility and a wireless interviewing system. The interrogator and the suspect will be sitting in one room and the recording will happen in another room.

Senior officials can watch and give directions to the official during questioning without the suspect getting to know about it. Such rooms are allocated to local police and Crime Branch.

Such rooms will not be attached to the local police stations and instead will be situated at district police headquarters. 

The first such facility started functioning in Kottayam. District Police Chief N Ramachandran inaugurated the room on Wednesday.

Along with this, a martial art coaching centre for women for self-defence will be launched. Training in Karate and Kungfu will be given. At first, women police officials will get training, who in turn will lead classes for other women.