Edavanna: In a shocking incident, a man handed over his 9-month-old baby to his friend before absconding.

The baby’s mother was found hanging at their house. Police have intensified the investigation and are also probing the murder angle in the case.

Saheer Ali, native of Midnapur district in West Bengal, handed over his baby to his friend Shaikh Ameer Hussain around 10 pm on Sunday.

While Saheer Ali stays at Kalpakanchery, his friend Shaikh Ameer Hussain stays at Edavanna. Both of them are neighbours in their native state.

According to the statement given by Ameer Hussain to the police, Saheer told Ameer that he was going to have food and will return after 15 minutes. However, he was not seen again.

The baby was brought to Edavanna station around 10 am on Monday. Meanwhile, police got information that the baby's mother Rajiya Kathu (21) was found hanging at her house in Kalpakanchery.

At this juncture, police received information that their 9-month-old baby was missing.

Kalpakanchery SI P Sangeeth said that it has become clear that Rajiya Kathu is the mother of the baby that Saheer Ali handed over to Ameer.

Police said that the baby's father and another friend are missing.

Shaikh Ameer Hussain said that the baby was handed over by Saheer and another friend.

The baby, which was handed over to the childline by the Edavanna police, has been shifted to Malappuram child care centre.