Kozhikode: In a major breakthrough, Police arrested a mechanical engineer and seized LSD worth Rs 16.30 lakh from him.

A police team led by Kasaba CI P Pramod nabbed 23-year-old Shanoob near Indoor stadium here. 

Police have seized 163 grams of LSD from Shanoob. Deputy commissioner of Police Merin Joseph said that this was the first time that such a huge volume of LSD was being seized in the State.

 Police said that an agent brought the LSD from Nepal to Kerala and handed it over to Shanoob.  It was Shanoob who sells the LSD to consumers in Kozhikode. The DCP said that the consumers were students studying in top institutions.

Police have received clues about Shanoob's links. There is a huge racket that distributes LSD in Kerala. Hence, a special squad will be formed under the narcotics assistant commissioner to conduct a detailed investigation, the DCP said.