Pathanamthitta: A tale of teenager exploitation by a 42-year-old woman was revealed during the Women’s Commission adalath at the Pathanamthitta Collectorate when a mother narrated a story.

She had bought a mobile phone for her son when he passed his 12th exam. Though actually he had demanded a bike, she was unable to buy as she had to spend a huge sum in taking care of her sick husband and parents.

With the phone, the son befriended a 42-year-old home nurse in Saudi Arabia. The home nurse transferred Rs 43,000 to his account. When she visited India, she took the 17-year-old boy to Bengaluru where he was sexually exploited.

For six months the boy severed all contacts with home. Later when they broke up, she demanded the money back. He couldn’t pay back the money and returned home.

The nurse filed a criminal case against the boy for not paying back the money. By this time, the boy attained 18 years and was jailed in the case for three months.

The mother leased out their only property of 5 cents of land and bailed out her son. Then with the help of some people he was sent abroad for a job.

The home nurse had filed the case before the Commission for action against the now 19-year-old boy and getting her money with interest.

Observing that such woman are a nuisance and threat to the society, the Commission evaluated the actions of the 42-year old as wicked and insulting.

It also said that such incidents are a warning to the parents who buy and give whatever the children demand.

The Commission is of the opinion that it can’t take a decision on giving back the money and further actions will be taken once the verdict comes out in the case in court.