Around Rs 5 lakh crores have to be recovered by the court of law (Debt Recovery Tribunals) from the defaulters in different nationalised banks across the length and breadth of the country. Those who have taken loans default and it is the arduous duty of Tribunals to recover it through due process of law or litigations.

debtBut to discharge the duty, the Tribunals should have necessary infrastructure and facilities. It includes manpower, working conditions and an atmosphere conducive to the working of the tribunals. There are tribunals devoid of computers and even writing papers. Some are grossly understaffed so that cases have to be adjourned. Some do not have library for the judicial officers to refer to. Most of the tribunals are in total disarray.

The Supreme Court recently referred to the resignation of a senior judicial officer in Allahabad bringing the Tribunal to a standstill.

So how is the Union Government going to tackle this serious issue? The Solicitor General appearing for the Union Government informed that it will be effectively tackled but the Court was not satisfied. The Court was compelled to give a series of directions for the conducive working condition. No judicial officer can work in such shabby conditions and it will seriously prejudice dispensation of justice, the Court told the Solicitor General.

moneyWhen defaulters are on the rise, it seriously affects economy. How can banks survive if loans distributed are not recovered on time?

How can the union Government feign ignorance? The tribunals are established to recover the amounts and it is inevitable that tribunals have to be equipped. Lack of adequate facilities in the court will hamper the course of justice and we need not emphasise it, the Supreme Court apprised the Union Government.

The Delhi-based Centre for Public Interest Litigation approached the Court to get the defaulters effectively dealt with. It told the Court that recently the union Government has written off Rs 40,000 crores that were considered totally bad debts and irrecoverable.