Tata Motors seems to have finally cracked the entry-level hatchback segment with the impressive Tiago. The value-for-money offering has sold more than 50,000 units since its launch and is a common sight on our roads now. However, we believe that there are still a few things that some of us and probably even the owners may not know about the Tiago. Here are six of them.  

1) Tata's new design language

The Tiago was the first car designed under the homegrown manufacturer’s new IMPACT Design language. The new design was aimed at reaching out to a wider audience with a specific focus on the youth. Looks like they were quite successful in achieving their goal.

2) Was initially named after a deadly virus

Tata Tiago

The Tiago was earlier named the Zica. Just weeks before the launch, the outbreak of the deadly Zika virus prompted Tata to change the name by holding a poll online. The shortlisted names included Civet, Adore and Tiago. Almost 37,000 people voted for the latter.

3) Put through a gruelling test

As part of the company’s #GearedForGreat endurance run, four cars including a petrol and a diesel-powered Tiago completed a 50,000kilometre endurance test where they were driven non-stop for 18 days which showcased the reliability of the hatchback.

4) Spot the elephant


Here is a fun fact about Tiago. There is a herd of elephants embossed inside the glove box of each car. Look closely and you will find that the three elephants are of different sizes - probably a father, mother and baby elephant. It could be an indication that the Tiago is meant to be a family hatchback.

5) Named after Messi’s son?

You must have all seen the Tiago ads on different mediums with the legendary footballer Lionel Messi as the brand ambassador saying “It’s Fantastico”. Strangely Messi’s son is named ‘Thiago’ which does rhyme with Tiago. Coincidence? Maybe.

6) Impressive features list


Did you know that the Tiago is the only car in the segment to get an 8-speaker system (4 speakers and 4 tweeters) developed by Harman. The system sounds ‘Fantastico’ to say the least. Even cars a segment above barely match the sound quality of the Tiago’s music system.

Credits: cardekho.com