Jackfruit is one among the many native fruits with numerous medicinal and health benefits.

Raw jackfruit has a unique capability to boost our physical strength. It helps increase good cholesterol.

Ripe jackfruit has a cooling effect on our body. It helps to tackle dehydration and increases the much-needed oil-coating both inside and outside the body.

jackfruitIt reduces discharge of acidic inner body fluids.

In Ayurveda texts, there is a reference about a soft drink prepared using jackfruit. It is prepared by adding spices and camphor into equal amounts of dry grapes, dates, Madhuka or Madhuca longifolia (Ilippa pazham), falsa fruit (Parushaka) and Gmelina arborea or Kumizhan pazham. Once chilled, this mixture yields a solution called ‘panchasaram’.

Keep this solution in a new mud pot. Add sliced kadalippazham and ripe jack fruit into this solution. We can use this after fermentation. This soft drink is ideal for summer and helps quench thirst and reduces body heat.

In Bhela Samhita, there is mention about a ‘vasti’ named ‘pasanabeejadi’. Pasanabeejam means jackfruit seed. (Vasti can be translated as ‘enema’).

Though ‘Pasanabeejadi vasti’ is advised as a way to fight male infertility, this method is not used for clinical practice. This is an area with tremendous scope for research.

(The writer is the Additional Chief Physician of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala)