Arya is a now a familiar name among households, thanks to the popular show ‘Badai Bungalow’ in which she plays the role of a boastful and dumb housewife. But is she the same talkative and cool person in real life. Let’s check it out.

How often do you speak gibberish?

No I don’t. I do bold characters in television serials and play comedy roles in movies and Badai Bungalow. My image is a mix of all these. But in real life, I am very emotional and sensitive. But no one would believe this.

That’s true…It’s hard to believe that you are a sensitive person

For an outsider, I am a very cool person. But when people who meet me at public places, they wonder if I am the same person who talk non-stop in Badai Bungalow.

Oh my god, you don’t talk much?

Yes. But I am a different person when I am in middle of my friends. Once I get comfortable with a person, I won’t stop talking to them until they get fed up.


Arya got a chance to act in six movies in just two years. What do you think about your future in film industry?


People liked my role as a nun in Pa.Va. Though I am getting many offers, now I am doing small roles. Cinema is a completely unpredictable world. Every day, 10-20 new artistes enter the industry. We cannot foresee our destiny and it is not necessary that I become a heroine. I want to do good roles as long as I am here.

Do you think you made a delayed entry to film?

There is a time for everything and this is mine. I have heard some people saying that artistes who come from the small screen do not get due recognition among film artiste. But I have not faced any such experiences. I have acted with Mohanlal and Mammootty but did not face any bias so far.    

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