Solar autos coming soon

If auto rickshaws in the city are blamed for pollution, here's a simple solution to replace the diesel consuming autos. Solar auto rickshaws have come to the rescue of common man. The engineering wing of ACE College and Innovation Experience have jointly developed an auto rickshaw that runs fully on solar power. Read More

Baby diaper and farming – a weired connection but works wonders

What is the connection between a baby diaper and farming? Have you ever thought of it? It may sound unbelievable but the truth is that diapers can help you in farming. Using diaper can preserve the moisture in soil for more days and protect the plants from drying up. Read More

The pen has many awe factors

This pen has all paraphernalia of a normal pen - the tube, nib and ink. But holding it will be difficult as it weighs 300 kg, length of 6.5 mts and a width of 75 cms. Dileef, a Guinness record holder, has made the pen for securing his name in the Guinness World Record Books for making the largest ball point pen in the world. Read More

Walking 9 kms with a tribal woman’s body

Carrying the body of a tribal woman, they had to walk almost 9 kilometers to reach their 'ooru'. The woman who died at the Kozhikode Medical College after suffering from fever was taken by the tribals deep inside the forest regions of Amarambalam  as the road was too narrow for the vehicle to ply. The forest officials together with the locals made a carriage out of sack and carried the body for 9 kilometers. Read More

Kalpathy pappadams with no oil

The ready-to-fry round pappadams is anybody’s favourite in Kerala. The wafer-thin disc shaped breads made of black gram being deep fried in oil may be a thing of the past.Try these Kalpathy pappadams which is completely different from the usual ones. There is no need of oil to fry these tiny pappadams. Read More