Kerala girl’s letter to CM goes viral, asks for a fearless life

A letter written by Ananthara, a class VII student, to the Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan has gone viral on the social media. Aggrieved by rapes and murders all around her and the prying eyes that she rightfully accuses are stealing her childhood, Ananthara has asked the CM to ensure that the toughest action is taken against people who abuse children like her. READ MORE

Wayanad cable car to come up in 2 years

Merely two years from now, all it will take is 18 minutes to cover the three kilometer distance cutting across the Wayanad hairpin bends. The April 15 Investors Meet at Dubai will be a trailblazer for the project and more investor meets for the project implementation will soon take place at Kochi. READ MORE

Less oxygen, more turbidity; water in Varattar river is ‘dead’, says study

Water is the basis of life on earth. But what if that water itself is ‘lifeless’. Something akin to this has happened to the water in Varattar river in Alappuzha, thanks to the large-scale encroachment. Once a prolific river, Varattar is now almost dry and is not suitable for use. READ MORE

Court punishes deer poacher, says fetch water for wild animals in forest

A court in Mettupalayalm pronounced a unique punishment for a man convicted in a deer poaching case. The court ordered him to fetch drinking water for the wild animals inside the forest for one month. Annur-native Selvaraj is charged with killing deers and selling the meat for money. The punishment was announced by Mettupalayam JM Court Judge Suresh Kumar. READ MORE

Sasthamkotta lake may have a rebirth

A glimmer of hope has surfaced for the fast dying Sasthamkotta lake with the discovery of aquifers (water table). A mega project may have to be planned for the lake reclamation but wouldn’t be misplaced given the promising discovery of lush springs on the banks of the lake. READ MORE

Veni and Rani get a mom from New Zealand

The flashing cameras and a packed crowd never seemed to bother little Veni and her younger sister Rani. The tiny tots were enjoying that special feeling -- the security and comfort of sitting with their mom for the first time in their life. The venue was the adoption ceremony organised by the State Child Welfare Committee here. Derin Luis Mensi (46) hailing from Hawks Bay at Napier in New Zealand formally adopted the kids on Wednesday. READ MORE