White revolution in Tanalur panchayat

The Tanalur Panchayat in Malappuram district is gearing up to become a village known for dairy development through an integral cattle protection project. The project is being implemented as part of the 7-day camp of NSS unit in Pookode veterinary college. The aim is to increase milk production after collecting the basic details of the cattle in the panchayat. READ MORE

Kichu is star of Marayur dog squad, helps locate smuggled sandalwood logs

Marayur: Kichu, one of the members of Marayur Dog Squad, has become the star of the day when he helped the forest personnel to recover the logs of the lost sandalwood tree. READ MORE

Declared ‘dead’ in records, Cheeru's widow pension stopped

Thottilpalam: For 73-year-old Cheeru, her only resort was the monthly widow pension that she used to get from the government. But it has stopped now. The reason pointed out by Kayakkodi Panchayat officials for this is weird. As per the official records, Cheeru is ‘dead’ and therefore, the officials said she cannot be given the pension. READ MORE

Famed 'Poovathur Palliyodam' to be rebuilt

Kozhancherry:  The locals of Poovathur are in a festive revelry after the 55 feet long and 110 inch thick log of Anjili (Artocarpus Hirsutus), reached amidst the prayers and offerings to the local deities, Panniprayar Mahadevan and Kavalayil Bhagavathy, marking the beginning of the reconstruction of the famed 'Poovathur Palliyodam'. READ MORE

Kidney patient Lalitha gets unexpected help from writer

Kanjangad: A writer has donated Rs. 10,000 to a long suffering kidney patient following a news report that appeared in the Mathrubhumi newspaper. In a noteworthy gesture, writer Sreekumar Kodoth, donated the proceedings of his two books, 'Eger in Bluetooth' and 'Papikalude Athazham' to Lalitha, who has been crippled under an intensely painful health condition further accentuated by lack of financial resources. READ MORE

After 13 years, a Cholaniaker death in elephant attack

Karulayi: A Cholanaiker tribal living deep inside the forest, Sivan, son of Kuppamala Kethan at Pananmala, was killed in an elephant attack recently. Thirteen years ago, two kids, children of Veeran and Jakki were killed by an elephant in a similar incident.  The Cholanaikers live deep inside the forest and are extremely adapted to the life in the wild making them very less vulnerable to casualties in animal attacks. READ MORE