Indian Oil

awards ‘Indian Oil Sports Scholarships’ to promising young players, with a view to encourage talent and create a pool of sportspersons from whom to select sport appointees to the Corporation. Applicant should be an upcoming player of at least 14 years of age & below the age of 19 years. Scholarships will be awarded in two categories, namely, 'Elite Scholar' and 'Scholar'. Under the ‘Elite Scholar’ scheme, those who have represented the country for Team Games and those having National ranking between 1 to 5 in Juniors or Sub-Juniors category or semi-finalist / Finalists of National Championships in Individual Games will be considered.

In the ‘Scholar’ Programme, those who have represented state in Team Games, and those individuals who have secured National ranking between 6 to 15 in Juniors or Sub-Juniors category or quarter-finalist of national championships will be considered.

The sports scholarships will be awarded for Athletics, Badminton, Billiards & Snooker, Chess, Cricket, Golf, Hockey, Table Tennis, Tennis & Other Games. 'Other Games' category includes Basketball, Volleyball, Archery, Boxing, Carrom, Gymnastics, Kabaddi, Shooting, Swimming, Wrestling and any other game (with international medal prospects).

The sports scholarship player will not be entitled to draw any other scholarship/financial aid/stipend from any other source whatsoever for sporting activity. There is no obligation on the part of IOC to give employment to the IndianOil Sports Scholars.

Application has to be recommended and routed through the Appropriate Authority / Institution (such as Head / Principal of Institution / School) along with certified copy of standing of sports scholar in appropriate National / State level, issued by concerned Sports Authority. The Management has the right to decide on the awarding the scholarships as mentioned above depending on the vacancies available in the games so advertised.