New Delhi: Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT), under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, has invited online applications from Indian Nationals for the award of Junior Fellowships and Senior Fellowships to outstanding persons in the field of Culture, for 2016-17 & 2017-18.

Senior/Junior Fellowships are awarded in the Field of Performing, Literary and Plastic Arts.

  • Performing Arts ( Music/Dance/Theatre/Folk Traditional & Indigenous Arts including Puppetry)
  • Literary Arts (Travelogue/History & Theory of Literature)
  • Plastic Arts (Graphics/Sculpture/Painting including Folk Paintings and Research Work on Traditional Paintings/Creative Photography)

Senior/Junior Fellowships are also awarded in the New Areas related to Culture.

In the ‘New Areas related to culture’, projects are sought in the following fields:

  • Indology
  • Epigraphy
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Cultural Economics
  • Structural and Engineering Aspects of Monuments
  • Numismatics
  • Scientific and Technical aspects of Conservation
  • Management aspects of Art and Heritage
  • Studies relating to application of Science and technology in areas related to culture and creativity.

Fellowships: A total of 400 Junior Fellowships each having a value of Rs. 10,000/- per month and 400 Senior Fellowships, each having a value of Rs.20,000/-, will be awarded for a maximum period of two years under the scheme for 2016-17 & 2017-18 with 200 Junior/Senior Fellowships for each financial year, for undertaking research oriented projects.

Academic research and performance related research are encouraged. Applicant should provide evidence of his/her capabilities in undertaking the project. The Fellowships are not intended for providing training, conducting workshops, seminars or documenting memoirs or writing autobiographies, fiction, etc. It is not a monthly remuneration/stipend or pension to the artistes, but a project-based award.

Eligibility: For Junior/Senior Fellowships, applicant should be a Graduate if the applicant is from the fields/areas listed in ‘New Areas related to culture’ of the Scheme. Graduation is not necessary for proposals in the Field of Performing, Literary and Plastic Arts.

For Junior Fellowship, applicant should be in the age group of 25- 40 years artistes and for Senior Fellowships, above 40 years of age, with age reckoned as on 1st April, 2016 for the years 2016-17 & 1st April, 2017 for the year 2017-18.

An applicant for the Junior Fellowship should never have availed of Junior Fellowship in any of the fields earlier.

Applicant for Senior Fellowship should not be a recipient of artiste pension from the Ministry of Culture under the scheme for the grant of financial assistance to artistes in indigent circumstances. The applicant should never have availed of the Senior Fellowship in any of the fields earlier. However, an applicant who had been awarded a Junior Fellowship can apply for a Senior Fellowship, provided 5 years have elapsed after the closure of the earlier project.

If the applicants are employed in the Central/State Government Departments/Institutions/ Undertaking/University, etc., they will have to take leave for a period of two years, if selected for the grant of Fellowship. While sending hard copy of their application, they should also send a written assurance from their Head of the Department/Institution/Undertaking/ University, etc. that in case the Fellowship is sanctioned, the candidate would be granted leave for the duration of the Fellowship. The first installment of Fellowship amount will be released on production of proof of leave sanctioned, in addition to fulfillment of other conditions as applicable.

Applications for grant of Fellowships from immediate family members/blood relations of employees working in CCRT will NOT be considered, until prior approval is taken.

Applications: Applications will be accepted online only at Applicants should read the instructions carefully before filling up the online form.

Applicant should click on MoC Schemes Application, Click on Registration and then Fill up the Registration Form. Applicant will get the Username and Password for Login. Applicant may go to the current scheme status and click on the appropriate Scheme and fill up the form and submit.

The last date for receipt of applications online is 10th October, 2017. Applicants will not get any further opportunity to edit the details after submitting the application form. Applicant can access his/her application by quoting his/her enrolment number or his/her name and view or print the details of the application.

In case, where final and six monthly Project Reports are proposed to be submitted in a language other than English/Hindi, the applicants may give the 500-words project synopsis in English/Hindi translation or send a print out of the application form along with project synopsis in the chosen language, to the Director, CCRT, 15A, Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075.

Applicants may keep a printout of the filled in application form which they will be required to bring at the time of interview/personal talk, along with their detailed project proposal. Other documents that the candidates will have to bring at the time of interview/personal talk will be separately notified to the shortlisted candidates.

Each successful application will be allotted a unique enrollment number by the system. Candidates may refer to this number in all their future correspondence with the CCRT and/or Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India.

Shortlisted applicants who are employed must bring a NOC/Consent Letter from their employer, at the time of interview.

Selection: An Expert-Committee comprising experts in different fields constituted by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, will evaluate all the applicants on the basis of their applications and project proposals; and shortlist the most meritorious among them. Shortlisted candidates for Junior/Senior Fellowship will be called for an interview/personal talk by the Expert Committee.

All the shortlisted candidates will be informed about the date and venue of the interview/personal talk on the email address provided by them in their application.

The Expert Committee will select a maximum of 200 candidates each for the award of Junior/Senior Fellowships, for each financial year in different fields/areas taken together. The total number of Junior Fellowship for the year 2016-17 & 2017-18 is 400

The names of the candidates finally selected for the award of Junior/Senior Fellowship Scheme will be posted at and after the selection process is completed and the selection is approved by the Ministry of Culture.

The selected candidates will have to undertake academic or application oriented research work on projects for which they have been awarded the Fellowship. They will complete their projects within two years and submit the same to CCRT/Ministry of Culture. Extension of time for a maximum of three months will be permissible with the approval of Ministry of Culture and without any additional financial liability to the Government.

The awardees will submit six-monthly progress reports. In cases where such reports are not received on time, further releases of the Fellowship amount will be withheld.

A mid-term review/assessment of the progress in each case will be carried out after one year and further continuance of Fellowship will depend on such review/ assessment.

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