Kozhikode: The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation has launched a Start-Up Fund of Rs 100 crore on its Diamond Jubilee to foster, nurture and incubate new ideas related to oil and gas sector. 

As part of this initiative, ONGC will provide the entire support chain for start-ups including seed capital, hand-holding, mentoring market linkage and follow-ups. The aim of 'ONGC Start-up' is to increase the contribution of fresh implementable ideas in the oil and gas sector.

Focus Areas
-ONGC intends to nurture and incubate new ideas related to energy sector to create an entrepreneurial mind set and fresh thinking amongst employees, stakeholders and public for revitalizing corporate culture.
-The industry and technology is progressing at a very rapid pace and it is imperative for ONGC to keep abreast with the latest technology.
-ONGC also intends to tie up with the academic institutions to develop the best technological solutions in the interest areas of ONGC and the nation.

Selection process
Phase I: Shortlisting companies based on the applications received on this website or identified through Innovation Challenge. 
Phase II: Selected applications will be evaluated to decide first cut off
Phase III: Detailed application along with business plan and other informations shall be sought. 
Phase IV: Presentation of Business Plan before steering committee for final selection. 

For application, visit https://startup.ongc.co.in/wps/wcm/jsp/ongc-startup/apply-now.html