New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education has today issued a circular clarifying that thereis no change in the Language Scheme offered by the CBSE. The circular was issued in the light of the confusion created by some of the schools with regard to the recent Circulars issued by the CBSE. 

According to CBSE,  the Circular No Acad-5/2017 is for all schools/students pursuing academic scheme of studies with five subjects. For them, the 6th subject is only an optional additional subject. It can either a Language or a subject from the list of additional subjects offered at secondary level by the CBSE. 

The Circular No Acad-11/2017 pertains to those CBSE schools that are offering vocational subjects as 6th Compulsory Subject under NSQF (vocational) scheme for students in Secondary classes. 

The schools affiliated to CBSE are advised to disseminate only correct and factual information to the students and parents. Students/ parents if aggrieved due to any misunderstanding regarding a on the part of the school can e-mail to CBSE at