schoolPanaji: In what seems to be a departure from the Right to Education policy, Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar today said the state governments will be allowed to decide on the no-detention policy in their schools.
"There is a demand from a lot of states to allow the detention of the students because everyone is promoted up to eighth standard and then there is a pressure in class nine," Javadekar said addressing a function here.
Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar too was present at the function.
"There is a pressure in ninth standard because we have not learnt anything for eight years. We can't waste the generation like this," he said.
The minister said the Union government will allow states to decide to detain the student after giving him fair chance.

"He will be assessed first in March and then in June. It will not be detention for the sake of detention. It is about capabilities and setting up benchmarks," he said.

Javadekar said the implementation of the Right to Education has turned education into a disaster in some states. "I have seen many states where schools have become mid-day meal schools," he said. 

"Aana, Khana aur Jana (coming, eating and going) has become trend in schooling. This is because there is no accountability. There is no benchmarking," the minister said.

"What you find is that sixth standard student can't do Maths of class three and seventh standard student can't read class four lessons. This happens because we have not defined benchmarks," the minister added.
Javadekar said that the Union government is also drafting the educational policy to include community in this sector. "We must understand that the community support to the educational support which existed in the past should be revived," the minister said.

"New rules are being drafted wherein when government constructs a school in the village, the compound wall would be funded by the villagers. We need to involve community and I am sure people will accept our thinking," he said.
Heaping praise on Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar, Javadekar said the latter not being part of the Modi cabinet is a loss to national politics.

"It's actually loss to the national politics but Goa needs and loves Parrikar. Therefore, people have brought him here," Javadekar said. _PTI