Punathil Kunjabdulla was known for his unique style. Anything and everything he wants to express he will put it out there.

In an interview given to Mathrubhumi earlier, Punathil shared his thoughts. Excerpts from the conversation between Thaha Madayi and Punathil Kunjabdulla.

In your story ‘Malamukalilulla Abdulla’ the main character Beevi gets a weak and ugly husband. She then goes in search of Abdulla, who raped her in childhood, for sexual satisfaction. In most of your stories, you address the thread of women’s unsatisfactory sex life.

This is a common issue found in our society. I know it as I am a doctor. Women take the saying ‘nothing should be hidden from a doctor and a lawyer seriously and opens up about their unhappy sex life that leads to depression.

It is not only the issue of dissatisfaction but lack of love in the relationship.

Is Islam against love?

I don’t think so. But the Maulavis have made it so. How beautiful is the love stories in “Aayirathonnu ravukal’. Love and music were so popular in the Arabic countries.

When religion came into popularity in our place, everything started to disappear. There is a group of Muslims who see music as haram. Qadiani group considers singing and hearing songs even as sin. I even doubt there exists any such orthodox community in the world. But sadly, all these takes place in the name of Islam.

What do you think attracts women? What kind of male beauty? Does it really require muscle power?

I believe that more than male beauty it is the strength that attracts women. Beauty only comes third to strength and self-confidence. If a woman loves a man in mere physical attraction, the relationship will become bore after knowing that he is not strong.

Does anyone in Malayalam, fit into the description of having male beauty and strength like Nana Patekar?

Actor Murali was one of that kind. Then Thilakan can also be counted even though he is middle-aged.

What about Mohanlal and Mammootty?

They are to be kept in showcase. They are not actors, just stars.

How about in World Cinema?

Alec Guinness, Yul Brynner, Anthony Quinn. I am not familiar with new actors.

And actresses with femininity?

Marilyn Monroe and Shirley MacLaine

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