Vishu agriculture
Manu with his 'Kani Vellari'


Markets flooded with Kani Vellari

Kalpetta: Golden Cucumber (Kani Velari) has reached Kerala for Vishu which is considered an inevitable part of Vishu kani. The wholesale price of kani velari is Rs 45 and is being sold at Rs 55 to Rs 60 in retail markets.  The price seems to be almost the same like last year. Though Kani velari reaches the state from the neighbouring states, the vegetable is cultivated even in Palakkad and Manjeri. Traders say the lorry strike has not affected the Vishu market. Vegetable prices have skyrocketed in the recent past and beans which was Rs 50 for a kg last year during the same season is presently sold at Rs 100. Rs 25 for a beetroot is now at Rs 50 and carrot is sold at Rs 70. Shallots are being sold at Rs 80.

Adoor: A young farmer from Adoor in Pathanamthitta district reaped a bumper harvest of Golden Cucumber (Kani Vellari), one of the main items in ‘Vishu Kani’ preparation.

The cucumbers were grown on the 10 cents of land owned by the young farmer Manu from Parakkodu here. The harvesting is scheduled for Thursday.

He sowed the seeds in mid-January. For this, Manu used 300 high quality seeds bought from the agricultural department. He used only organic fertilisers during farming.

The 30-year-old political worker runs a farm spread over 1.5 acres of land. A part of the land is taken on lease. Apart from vegetable farming, he also rears cattle in his farm.

He won the Municipality’s award for best farmer in 2015.