"It gives me great pleasure to see the vegetables that I have grown in my front yard and terrace when I wake up in the morning," says Soumya, who ensures that no space is left unutilised in her rented house. 

 After taking vegetables for her daily use, Soumya gives the rest for free to her neighbours.

The vegetables grow in abundance at the house in Nellimukku. Soumya cultivates almost all the common vegetables including Cauliflower, Cabbage, Bitter Gourd, Brinjal, Drumstick and Tomatoes.

Soumya had made a vegetable garden at the flat she stayed earlier also. Though she had cultivated vegetables in the small space in front of the kitchen, she was able to give vegetables to everyone in the flat then.

Soumya has in-depth knowledge about cultivation methods and caring for plants.

She is also active in the field of painting and dance. Soumya has been painting for the past four years and her favourite areas are coffee painting, craft work and thread work. 

Soumya gives her paintings to a shop in Ernakulam as per order. She is learning Bharathanatyam at Maulika in Nellimukku and has won prizes in district level Yoga competitions too. 

She also conducts training classes in Yoga.