Adoor (Pathanamthitta): Once a rubber plantation, Meloodu-native Sasidharan’s farm land is now filled with green foliage of banana plants.

When he noticed a depreciation in rubber price, he did not wait for anything but started to grow banana plants after felling rubber trees in 55 cents of the total 2.5-acre farm land.  

All the 1,800 banana shoots he planted are ready for harvest now.

Sasidharan, who ventured into farming when he was just 11-year-old, starts work along with his two aides early in the morning.

Native varieties including poovan, ethan and njalippovan are grown in his farm. He also cultivates vegetables including long beans, ash gourd, pumpkin, bitter gourd, snake gourd, yam and turmeric.

He sells his produce to VFCK market and Horticorp.