Jackfruit has grown from just being a South Asian staple to vegan trend. Here we are sharing a method of growing different varieties of jackfruits in one go.  

A jackfruit sapling which germinates from a seed does not inherit most of the qualities of the mother tree. But multiple saplings can grow from beneath the mother tree.

Pick 10-15 seeds and sow them in a basket filled with mud. It is good if the seeds are from the first fruit of the season.

When the stems of the saplings, which grow in unison and are close to each other, attain the thickness of a pencil, tie them together with a cloth, at a finger's length from the ground.

After one year, when it is ready for planting, the skin of the saplings will be joined together to become like a single plant. This must be planted at convenient place. When it becomes a tree, we will get a variety of jackfruits from a single tree.