People can buy plenty of organic vegetables by visiting Kuniyil Sajeesh Kumar’s house.

All varieties of vegetables including bitter gourd, pumpkin, snake gourd, ash gourd are available at Sajeesh Kumar's house. He has also cultivated different varieties of spinach in his farm.

Sajeesh Kumar, who stays at Chemmarathur in Kozhikode, has been following the organic cultivation traditionally. He has become a role model by reaping a rich harvest from his five-acre land.

Not only locals, but merchants from faraway places visit Sajeesh's house to procure organic vegetables.

The cucumber cultivated by Sajeesh is in great demand. As the Vishu festival approaches, hundreds of people including vegetable merchants, visit Sajeesh's house to buy cucumber.

Sajeesh also grows plantains, tapioca, coconut and arecanut trees.

The well in his farm, which does not dry up even in the harshest summer, is a blessing for Sajeesh.

As he uses organic manure, the vegetables grow in abundance. He also uses ground nut cake, neem cake and bone meal as manure.

Phone: 8606276628