Periya: Several acres of paddy have dried up in the glaring drought the state is inching towards. The complete absence of seasonal rains during Northeast monsoon that comes in the month of Thulam has dried up the agricultural villages completely with paddy loss stretching to several acres.

The perennial water sources of the village have dried up exposing their bottoms pushing the farmers to distress. Edamunda, Keloth, Vishnumangalam, and Kodavalam at Pullur-Periya are the worst affected. Edamunda alone has seen the loss of 20 acres of paddy since their perennial public pond dried up. Numerous farmers just abandoned their second round of paddy cultivation since it was unviable in the drought.

Sixty acres of paddy has dried up in Kodavalam, a rich agricultural village. More than a 100 farmers have been trapped in the situation having trusted the rains to feed their yield. Pullur- Periya Agricultural Officer Pramod has said that the situation has been communicated to the higher ups at the district level. There are also demands that compensation packages must be announced for the farmers.