Ambalavayal: A farmer from Ambalavayal in Wayanad lost his 1500 new born chicks just because of the stubbornness of the commercial tax officials.

According to farmer Wilson, commercial tax officials insisted on producing advance tax receipt of the wholesaler when the chicks were brought to Kozhikode Railway Station from Kanjirappally via train on Monday morning.

Wilson had with him the receipt of the tax he had paid for bringing the chicks from Kanjirappally. However, the officials were adamant on seeing the wholesaler’s tax receipt and told Wilson that he cannot take them without producing the said receipt.

The chickens were just 3 days’ old. The farmer alleged that the officials did not even allow him to give water to them. Wilson was allegedly detained at the Railway Station for near 12 hours.

Before he could reach Wayanad, the chicks started to die one by one. The farmer said he had incurred a loss of around Rs 1 lakh through this.

Wilson is one of the recognized poultry farmers in the state and used to handover quality chickens to the Animal Husbandry department. He is planning to submit a complaint to the Chief Minister soon in this regard.