At Vazhavatta, Muttil, Wayanad is a small 75 cents farm, lush with over 6000 heads of fresh green cabbage, untouched by chemicals. Chittaraykkal Joseph, the owner of this farm has been a proponent of the Zero cost farming technique for the last 4 years and today his farm is an enviable reason for anyone to shift to organic agriculture. His son, Shaiju, a former IT employee also left his office job to join his father on the farm.


The secret behind the high yielding farm is the solid 'Jeevamrutham' manure. It is made using 10 kilos of cow dung from native cows mixed with 250 kilograms each of legume powder and jaggery sprayed with cow urine and moulded into balls. This is then dried in shade and added to the soil as manure.

After planting, liquid Jeevamrutham is used to add manure into the soil. This is made with 10 kilograms of fresh dung and 10 liters of urine from native cow species with two kilos each of Jaggery and legume powder and a handful of soil from the shades added to 200 litres of water. This is mixed and fermented in the shade away from sunlight for 2 days before it is diluted in hundredth portion and sprayed on the plants. 

Pumps were used to spray the manure at the roots, 200 grams each time. Within one and a half months, the cabbage seeds started growing into healthy heads. While the intense odour from the Jeevamrutham kept the pests away, the manure also adds the nutritional value of the soil making it rich. Joseph got an above 10 tonne yield from his farm which he sold through the Ecoshops at Calicut. The product fetched him Rs 30 per kilo instead of the Rs 10. He is also growing carrots, beetroots and plantains. Contact Joseph at  -  9947538089.