Kochi: Gone are the days when people did not care for the jackfruit and allowed it to fall down and rot. 

Now, the demand for jackfruit is high, with the fruit costing up to Rs 25 per kilogram in the market.

Antony, who runs a business in Ernakulam market, said that the price of the fruit soared up as the season has not yet begun. 

Antony sells the fruit for Rs 22/kg. He mainly sells jackfruits weighing from 4 to 10 kilos. The demand is more for Varikka variety of the fruit coming from Angamaly, Perumbavoor and Muvattupuzha regions. 

The businessmen take the jackfruit trees for lease by paying Rs 20 to Rs 25 for each fruit. More money has to be spent for loading and unloading charges and bringing the fruit without damage in the market. There is demand for unripe jackfruit (Idichakka) also. The price of Idichakka during off season often go up to Rs 100.

More jackfruits will reach the market by the end of next month. Then the price will come down to less than Rs 10 per kilo.

Jackfruits are being sent to North India and Tamil Nadu from places in Kerala where the fruit grows in abundance.