Thadikkadavu: Suresh and his family harvested not one or two but 20 different varieties of beans in the year defined by FAO as the International Year of Pulses. These include varieties ranging from those coming from all over the world to our own long lost varieties of native beans.

The list of rich yields at the farm include varieties such as 'Kottopayar', 'kuttipayar', 'narillapayar', 'thathachundan', 'achingapayar', 'pullipayar', 'meterpayar', çherupayar', 'vanpayar', 'pathinettu maniyan'and 'valaripayar' among others.

This farm also has immigrant varieties of beans and ginger which were gifted by a friend of Suresh's son who came all the way from Australia. The piece of land that was reclaimed from rubber cultivation has yielded gold for the family with their multiple cropping patterns which includes varieties like maize, cucumber, pumpkins, ginger and bitter gourd.  

Suresh uses solely organic pesticides and fertilizers for his cultivation. He claims to have harvested up to 2 kilograms of ginger from a single plant. He also shared his cultivation innovations and said the distance between the ginger plants affects the yield. The more the distance, better the harvest. He also said that the beans plants yield better if they are maintained as shrubs rather than creepers.