BananaFarming is an art and at the same time, a venture that needs a lot of expertise. This expertise can come with experience and also through expert advice.

Here are some useful tips to that will help you to improve your harvest.

Improving seed’s resistance to pests

Thickly coat cow dung on to the walls exposed to lot of sunlight. Using your fingers, gently press down the seeds into it. Once the cow dung dries up, sow the seeds along with the dung. The seeds treated in this method will show better growth, enhanced production and resistance to pests and diseases.

Using red glass jar

The parts of plants can be kept in red glass jars or under red light for longevity.

Red decoction for rubber trees

Add turmeric paste into slaked lime solution till it turns red. This decoction can be smeared onto the rubber tree trunks. This will help to increase the production of latex and also prevent the attack of termites. This is a method which was successfully implemented by Indian Rubber Research Institute at its experimental garden.

The importance of directions in plantain cultivation

For a plant to correctly orient itself to growth, it should be planted such that it exhibits positive geotropism and phototropism. For harvesting bigger fruits, the plantain stalk should be slanted towards the West direction while it should get abundant sunlight from the East. At the same time, the stalk should be protected from the sunlight coming from the South direction. This will help the stalk to grow in the East-ward and the farmer has to give a support to the stalk in the opposite direction to counter the pressure of wind from West side.

Organic pesticide to eliminate brown planthopper (Moonja)

Take equal amount of poison nut tree (Kanjiram) leaves, basil leaves and lemon grass and boil in three times more amount of water. Squeeze out the leaves. Dilute this solution by adding four times more water before use.