Coriander leaves has the status of only a guest in Kerala cuisine. In the past, we were familiar with only the flavor of curry leaves. But our taste has changed to coriander leaves, mint leaves and even fenugreek leaves. Unfortunately, the coriander leaves bought from the market are grown in unclean places in other states. They also apply pesticides on the plants. To save our health while relishing the flavor of coriander, let’s grow the plant at home.

How to grow the plant

  1. At least 4-inch-deep flat plastic trays with holes in it, grow bags, pots, sacks or useless car tyres can be used for farming.
  2. Mix soil, sand/coconut husk, compost and cow dung powder in a ratio of 1:1:1 and fill the grow bag or tray with this mixture with a thickness of 4 inches. Add some bone meal and neem cake also.
  3. Put some coriander seeds on a paper and split them by pressing with a rule wood. The coriander seeds available in the market are less likely to sprout.
  4. Make a 1-inch-deep line in the mixture in the grow bag, and sow the seeds in a row.
  5. The seeds will sprout within 7-9 days.