Koottar: The vegetable garden of the little farmers surprised everyone with a good harvest even after Onam. The students at SNLP School in Koottar harvested vegetables, including beans 500 kg and tomato 50 kg.

The children cultivated vegetables for this Onasadya. Even after Onam, the kids farm at the school has a good amount of fresh vegetables. The children who are representatives of Mathrubhumi SEED are happy for their achievement in agriculture.

A total of 320 children cultivated vegetables at the school. A good amount of crops is cultivated and harvested.

Every child will notice and mark the changes of the crops in their observation diary. Children used to bring vegetables from home for meals at school.

Along with vegetable garden, the children have rain shelter farming in 2 and half-cent of land. Various vegetables are being cultivated in 45 cent of land at the school.

PTA has planted 500 banana saplings on the school premises. Seeds, manures and technical support for farming are provided by Koottar Krishi Bhavan. Agriculture officer Aswathy T Vasu has been supporting the little farmers.

Headmistress Anila S Mohan, Jiji Mon Kurumakkal, Seed Coordinator Jayan TD, PTA President Suresh Narikuzhiyil, Mother PTA president Shanty Biju and organic farmer Sibi Maniyambrakal have been guiding the children in their agriculture initiative.