Pathanapuram:  The strong winds along with the summer rains that lashed Mahadevarmon the other day shattered the dreams of the farmers in the region.

Acres of farm lands turned into a grave yard for the vegetables produced by the farmers of the region.

Extensive damage to crops were reported in Moolaman and Channackamon regions.

Plantains, betel leaf plants and vegetables were destroyed in the rains. Each farmer suffered losses to the tune of lakhs.

The plantain saplings planted by Madhu at Sreevilasom after spending Rs 2.5 lakh were completely destroyed.

Manoj, Rajendran, Vishvanathan, Sundaran, Joy George and Dineshan also suffered losses to the tune of lakhs due to the rains.

Several houses have been destroyed in the rains.  Kodikunnil Suresh visited the regions in which rains created havoc.

Kodikkunnil Suresh asked the government to provide financial aid to the deserving people as soon as possible.